As a salon or spa owner, when you invest in aeshtetic technology, it’s because you are looking to tap into a particular market and deliver great solutions to common beauty concerns. However, you also want to make sure that the technology you choose works hand in hand with your business to help it grow in strength, customer reach and of course, profits. There are many reasons why Fat Cavitation is a smart investment choice for your business, so let’s take a look at the top benefits here.

Taps into the limitless non-surgical market

There will always be people looking to improve their appearance, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to do it surgically. Fat Cavitation offers a painless, non-threatening solution for those looking to reduce fat, banish cellulite and tighten skin without the downtime and costs of surgery – and that’s a very big market right there.

Treatments offer a high return on investment

Fat Cavitation simply pays off. Clients can pay on a per session basis or as a pre-booked package deal. Because Fat Cavitation treatments typically require several sessions based at weekly intervals, it’s not just a one-off job where you will never see the client again – the regular traffic flow will ensure you have a steady stream of income meaning you can own the machine outright much sooner than you probably imagined!


Low cost on conducting treatments

Treatments are no-fuss and straight forward. Along with your Fat Cavitation device, all you need is a simple topical gel to conduct your sessions – nothing else. This means more of the service cost dollars goes straight to you instead of having to spend money on restocking various supplies.  

Builds a repeat client base

As mentioned above, Fat Cavitation treatments work best when performed in sessions that occur at weekly intervals. This allows the client’s body to fully process the effects of the treatment and ready it for the next one. A client may require anywhere between 6-12 treatments for fat and cellulite reduction and skin tightening and they will love seeing their body get better and better with each passing week.

The regular interaction that Fat Cavitation treatments provide allows you to develop solid relationships with your customers. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your customers and really understand their wants and needs. You can use this time and information to further assist them with any other help they may need with their body or skin concerns.

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