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Your guide to Fat Cavitation

Ultrasound fat cavitation is an effective non-surgical and painless method of removing fat and cellulite, contouring the body to produce a more sculpted and slimmer silhouette. Fat Cavitation devices are designed to treat all the hot spots on the face and body where stubborn pockets of fat are most common. The key benefits of Fat Cavitation treatments include:

  • Removes stubborn fat from thighs, buttocks, tummy, arms, jowls, etc
  • Reduces cellulite for a more even and smooth skin texture
  • Improves definition of the body for a refined silhouette
  • Treatment is painless and non-invasive (great alternative to liposuction)
  • No post-treatment downtime, so patients can get on with their day as usual
  • Results are instantly noticeable and improve with time
  • Increases client re-bookings as best results typically require 5-10 sessions

How it works

The science behind fat cavitation is revolutionary. By utilising high-frequency sound waves applied to the skin over the treatment area, the ultrasound waves penetrate the fat cell walls and ‘shake’ them until the fat tissue breaks down and disperses through the body. The lymph system takes on the loosened fat and allows it to be processed by the liver, exiting the body through sweat, urine and bowel movements. The entire process can take several days, which is why results get better over time. It’s important to note that Fat Cavitation technology only works on the targeted fat cells and does not affect or damage surrounding healthy tissue.

An affordable, painless and hassle-free alternative to surgery

Fat Cavitation treatments are on the rise in salons, medispas and clinics as they provide busy, every-day people with that little bit of extra help to achieve their ideal body shape without the need for surgery. It’s a great investment for beauty businesses seeking to welcome in new clients and increase their re-booking rate as a course of treatments spaced over weekly intervals will give your clients the high-impact results they are looking for.

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