Bundling services can be a tremendous benefit to any business. The same theory can be used in your salon or clinic business when it comes to partnering specific services with other services that you offer.

If your business has a fat cavitation machine, then you know you can benefit from a quick return on investment with one convenient machine. Adding additional aesthetic procedures to your service menu, when you’re already offering fat cavitation treatments, opens your business up to a plethora of revenue. How can partnering fat cavitation machine services with other treatments benefit your business?

Clients Trust Your Services

First and foremost, you have a book of clients that trust and respect your services. If you’ve been providing fat cavitation services for a while, you likely have repeat clients. Not only do fat cavitation machine services require clients booking multiple sessions for optimal results, once one area of the body is addressed successfully, your clients will likely sign up to attack another. If you opt to invest in another machine to provide aesthetic services, your clients know that your business gets results from their previous experience and are likely to try your new offerings.

New Clients

Bundling Ultrasound Fat Cavitation services with other services can get new clients in the door. Lots of businesses are offering fat cavitation treatments, but if you’re looking to stand out among the crowd, partnering these services with another treatment can make your business seem more appealing. People love a deal. Say for example, you partner a fat cavitation machine treatment package with a free session of IPL treatment. Since treatments with an IPL machine require several sessions, you’ll not only gain a new client for fat cavitation services, BUT you could get a repeat client for other services that you offer as well.

Whether you already offer additional services aside from fat cavitation machine treatments, or you’re looking to purchase another machine that provides effective aesthetic services, there’s additional revenue to be found through bundling. When you purchase a machine from us, you get built-in training, advisement, and marketing support. Contact us today to learn more!

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